SUP – Stand Up Paddle

stand up paddleClimb aboard and discover the wonderful sport of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) on the crystalline waters of the Serchio river and the Lima torrent, a new experience suitable for everyone! For all ages and levels of experience, SUP is a fun and safe activity, watching the riverbed passing under your board and enjoying the multiple benefits of this all-round exercise.

In the splendid valleys of the Lucchesia area, we offer guided excursions for various levels both on the river and in still waters.



Borgo a Mozzano, Ponte della Maddalena (or Ponte del Diavolo)
Guided excursions on the calm, crystal-clear waters of the Serchio under the stunning Ponte del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge).

Cost: €25


Borgo a Mozzano, Serchio-Lima
Guided river excursions down the Serchio river up to where it meets the Lima torrent, where the river current takes you downstream in complete safety. Enjoy the water and all the fun it has to offer!

Cost: €30 per person


Bagni di Lucca – Straits of Cocciglia
Guided excursions in the beautiful setting of the Straits of Cocciglia, winding through the famous Canyon with its emerald waters and springs.

Cost: €25


For more information: (+39) 3383777533 Daniele Corsi


stand up paddle

Raft & Park

Rafting & Canyon Park, a Day in the Outdoors.

Enjoy a whole day immersed in nature!

Discover the most magical and unspoilt part of the river Lima – do something different…

Canyonpark03 From June to September, RockOnda offers the new Raft&Park in the Cocciglia straights, a whole day dedicated to nature and adventure.

The day includes a 90 minute Soft Rafting excursion, following by the Canyon Park high wire adventure, the first and only adventure park situated in the interior of a canyon.

The high wire route takes around 90 minutes and is run for groups accompanied by a Canyon Park guide.

The Rafting excursion takes place inside the canyon with a FIRAFT guide, followed by river trekking on foot including water games, slides, and great spots for jumping and diving.

The combination of activities (including the Canyon Park activities) is suitable for children of 10 years or over who are at least 140cm tall.


Rafting-Soft Programme

  • 10:30 – Meet at the RockOnda base, get kitted out with RockOnda equipment
  • 11:00 – Set off for Canyon Park with RockOnda transport
  • 11:15 – Soft Rafting
  • 13:00 – Return to base/kit centre
  • 14:00 – Canyon Park Adventure Park
    (Equipment provided by the guide)
  • 16:00 – Finish

Booking is required: +39 3383777533


What to bring

Soft Rafting

  • Swimming costume and a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet
  • Towel

Canyon Park

  • Sports clothing
  • Trekking shoes/trainers


Soft Rafting

Rafting-Soft01 Soft Rafting is a lighter version of Rafting, as the name suggests, but is no less exciting for it! This activity is suitable for children from 6 years, offering a full immersive experience on the water, combining the beautiful location with just a hint of adrenaline.

The first part of this activity takes place in an inflatable raft with a FIRAFT qualified guide, followed by on-foot River Trekking interspersed with natural slides and great spots for jumping and diving. How high? That’s up to you!

Your adventure is accompanied by the wonderful sound of rushing water, in unique natural surroundings.


Rafting Soft RockOnda provides all the necessary equipment for your adventure:

  • Helmet
  • Wetsuits
  • Water jacket
  • Life vest

What to bring:

  • Trainers (they will get wet)
  • Thermal vest/T-shirt

For more information, contact: +39 3383777533 Daniele Corsi



Looking for an exciting sport in the great outdoors? You’ve found it: kayaking!

Rockonda KayakRockOnda is a kayak school with FICK-qualified instructors who can introduce you to this great activity in a breathtaking location on the river Lima. We organise courses for various levels, providing all necessary kit from the kayaks to the safety equipment. The beginner course is suitable for everyone.

As a Rescue Project partner, RockOnda has river safety and rescue as a priority.

Courses can be for individuals or groups, providing a safe introduction to the sport.

Your adventure starts here!

For more information, contact: (+39) 338.3777533 Daniele Corsi



Rockonda Rafting Excitement, adrenaline, fun – that’s Rafting!

An immersive experience with your co-rafters along the bubbling rapids of the Lima torrent in the wilds of Tuscany.

Our staff will guide you over the waves in full safety.

All RockOnda guides are qualified and certified by the Italian Federation of Rafting. Every detail is covered, so that all you need to do is concentrate on having fun!

Before every descent, participants will be briefed on rafting techniques.


Rockonda Rafting RockOnda provides all necessary equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Wetsuit
  • Harnesses

You need to bring:

  • Trekking or anti-slip shoes (they will get wet)
  • Thermal vest
  • Swimming costume
  • Bathrobe/towel

For further information: +39 3383777533 Daniele Corsi


Difficulty Levels


Remember that:

  • Clothing and equipment suitable for the type and level of activity should be used in the water
  • Those taking part in activities on the river must attend canoeing courses run by qualified staff
  • Beginners on the river should be accompanied by expert guides
  • Activities should never be carried out alone. The minimum number of participants may vary according to the levels of the canoeists and the difficulty of the route


scala_wwThe WW (white water) scale, internationally recognised by the ICF (International Canoe Federation), has the following levels/classifications.

It should be noted that along any route down the river the level of difficulty may vary hugely according to the water flow, which is affected by the season, rain, and by thawing ice. Sudden changes, including changes in speed, may occur in the space of a few hours due to the closing off of flows and/or due to unforeseen obstacles (fallen trees, for example). Rivers that are too empty or too full (with too little/too much flow) cannot be classified.

N.B. The phrase “morta” (of “acqua morta”) refers to the edge of the river, on the margins of the main currents, where the water is still or headed upstream.


The classification used by Ckfiumi is as follows:


The WW scale is defined as follows:

Level I

Relatively smooth water flow with small, regular waves distributed sparsely across the surface. Light currents and easily identified and avoidable eddies. Wide rapids without obstacles, with an easy-to-follow, straight route. Slight gradient.


Level II

Torrent with easily avoidable obstacles, large, highly visible areas of still water. The route is easily identifiable and requires some wide manoeuvring. The descent is exciting and satisfying but not scary.


Level III

Moderately difficult
Torrent with a series of moderately difficult rapids interspersed with small lakes, waves and whirlpools that may interrupt the descent and immerse the kayak, without blocking it completely. Rapids with obstacles requiring decisive and effective manoeuvres. The kayaker must know how to turn, carry out duffek strokes, and execute an Eskimo roll. The kayaker must have experience and be confident dealing with real rapids.


Level IV

Large and irregular waves and whirlpools, which must be avoided using quick decision-making and by choosing the correct direction. Difficult rapids requiring excellent and precise manoeuvring techniques. Narrow and choppy areas of water next to the river banks which are difficult to access and where it is challenging to remain still. Swimming in level IV water is dangerous and it is difficult for guides to intervene, therefore kayakers must be able to confidently execute an Eskimo roll in any situation. An assessment of the risks should be carried out prior to launching in sections of level 4 white water. Often, rapids are not more challenging than level III, but both their quantity and the length of the route raise the difficulty level.


Level V

Very difficult, dangerous
Deep whirlpools that can trap or capsize kayaks and canoeists. Bankside areas unusable as places to stop. Rapids have multiple, large obstacles, narrow passages, violent and sudden waves and currents. Kayakers/canoeists must have reliable technique, training and quick reactions. Level V sections are not fun, even for experts – they are extremely difficult, challenging and dangerous.


Level VI

Extremely difficult
This level represents the limit of navigable water. At this level, courage and an excessive passion for risk are as fundamental as an optimum technique. Some are able to manage sections of level VI water, but even a minor error is fatal.

Routes for amateurs and tourists are usually up to level III. In safe conditions (with emergency assistance on standby) they may include short passages or sections at level IV. The highest competitive levels (slalom) generally take place in sections of water at level IV – and occasionally level V – with appropriate rescue and emergency services.


Cost for Association Membership

Activities are exclusively available to members of the Fi.Raft/RockOnda Association. Membership cards can be issued at the centre.

The cost of membership INCLUDES liability and accident insurance and the Membership Card.


Adults: €40.00
Children: (8-15 years): €35.00

Soft Rafting:

Adults: €35.00
Children (6-15 years): €30.00


Adults: prices from €55.00
Children (10-15 years): prices from €50.00


Individual lessons for adults: €35.00
Weekend courses: €180.00


Equipment and wetsuits provided by RockOnda ASD.

The Centre is officially recognised as a Rafting organisation by the Italian Federation of Rafting, and only employs professional staff with relevant qualifications.

Excursions are open to all, including those who’ve never done it and would like to try!


For information and/or booking, please go to our CONTACT page.

Rescue Project

rescue_logoRockOnda is a centre for Rescue Project river rescue.

Courses will be held here at the school to train rescue rafters and canoeists.

In collaboration with Rescue Project, RockOnda is delivering this service on the Lima river.

As a first step, the centre has decided to provide all its rafting guides with this training, who will be awarded a Rescue Project certificate.

A high level of training and continuing professional development are key to ensuring that rafting activities are carried out safely.

Rafting in Toscana

Emozione, adrenalina, divertimento

Questo è il Rafting!

Sarete travolti da una cascata di sensazioni con i compagni di pagaia lungo i salti e le rapide spumeggianti del torrente Lima in un ambiente ancora selvaggio.

Rockonda rafting Toscana

Rafting in Toscana

Prova l’adrenalina del rafting! Scegli l’esperienza e la sicurezza di Rockonda Rafting.
Il meglio del rafting nel cuore della Toscana.


Emozione, adrenalina, divertimento

Questo è il Rafting in Toscana!

Sarete travolti da una cascata di sensazioni con i compagni di pagaia lungo i salti e le rapide spumeggianti del torrente Lima in un ambiente ancora selvaggio.


Tutta l’emozione del rafting, in piena sicurezza

Il nostro staff saprà condurvi attraverso le onde sempre nella massima sicurezza.

Le guide rafting Rockonda sono tutte abilitate dalla Federazione Italiana Rafting, niente è lasciato al caso, ogni minimo particolare è soggetto al controllo per farvi vivere l’avventura pensando a una cosa sola: divertirvi!

Ogni discesa è preceduta da un briefing sulle tecniche di conduzione del Rafting.

Rockonda rafting Toscana Rockonda rafting fornisce tutto il materiale necessario alla discesa:

  • Casco
  • Muta
  • Giacca d’acqua
  • Salvagente
  • Calzari in neoprene

La nostra nuova sede, a Bagni di Lucca in Val di Lima, nel cuore della Toscana, con spogliatoi riscaldati e servizi vi offre l’opportunità di trascorrere giornate indimenticabili.


Rockonda rafting Toscana